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All Bangla Newspaper is the most popular Bangladeshi Newspaper and Bangla news directory. Read the most highly trusted and reliable Newspapers bd – Prothom Alo, Bangladesh Pratidin, bdnews24, Jugantor, Kalerkantho, Samakal, Ittefaq, Nayadiganta, and many more in one place. We provide the true and real Bangla Paper news for the latest of all Bangladeshi daily, weekly, and other publications.

Top 10 Daily Bangla Newspapers

In Bangladesh, There are thousands of Daily Bangla Newspaper sites constantly providing updated news and information. Here is the Top 10 list of Daily Bangla Newspapers in Bangladesh. Daily Prothom Alo, Bangladesh Pratidin, Daily Jugantor, Daily Kaler Kantho, Daily Ittefaq, Manob Kantha, Amader Somoy, Naya Diganta, Daily Samakal and The Daily Star are highly trusted.

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Top 10 Bangla Online Newspapers

Here, We collected a list of the most popular Online Bangla Newspapers. The top 10 Online Bangla News paper website list is given here. BD News 24, Jagonews 24, Rising BD,   Banglanews24, bd24live, Bangla Tribune, Dhaka Tribune, Bangladesh Journal, Poriborton, and BBC Bangla  are the largest Bangla Online News sites.

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Top 10 Bangla TV News Channel

In Bangladesh, All of the Bangla TV News channels are broadcasting 24 hours live current politics, sports, business-related event and news, entertainment, programs, editorial, lifestyle, live talk show, live form special events and much more. Here is the list of Top 10 Bangla TV Channels News websites. Jamuna TV, News24 TV, Channel 24 TV, Independent TV, Somoy News, Ekushey ETV, Ekattor TV, Channel I, ATN News, DBC TV

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All Bangla Newspapers

A newspaper is a publication consisting of a number of large sheets of folded paper, on which news, advertisements, and other information are printed. We all know that Newspaper is the main source of getting news and current events of a country. Newspapers are the mirror of the nation. There are more than 1200+ Bangla newspapers in our country.

Bangladesh is a country located in southern Asia. The official language of Bangladesh is Bengali. There are many newspapers published in Bangla. Some of the most popular Bangla newspapers are Prothom Alo, Daily Star, Ittefaq, and Jugantor. Most of the daily Bangla newspapers are published from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and are read by people in Bangladesh and around the world.

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All Bangla Online News Portals

Online News Portals are the best place to get the latest news and updates in your language. There are many online bangla newspapers in Bangladesh, which are popular among people for getting the latest Bangla news. Bangladesh has an effective, efficient, and well-established news media system. The press is free and independent in the country. Our list includes the top 10 Bangla online newspapers as well, so you can read all the latest Bangladeshi news in one go!

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International Bangla News Agency

Online News Portals are the best place to get the latest news and updates in your language. There are many online bangla newspapers in Bangladesh, which are popular among people for getting the latest Bangla news. Bangladesh has an effective, efficient, and well-established news media system. The press is free and independent in the country. Our list includes the top 10 Bangla online newspapers as well, so you can read all the latest Bangladeshi news in one go!

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Newspapers are called the mirror of society and the whole world. So that it is a reflection of the various events that have taken place all over the world. Newspapers are an essential part of modern civilized life. Bangla Newspapers have contributed to everything Banladesh has achived since Bangladesh inception. Its contributed a lot in the liberation war. Also, BD News media, performing several roles in Bangladesh’s economic growth, educational condition, political struggle, COVID-19 pandemic, and many more.

Most of the Bangladesh newspapers disclosed in the central capital of Dhaka. Some of Newspapers publish from Chattogram, Sylhet, Khulna, Barisal, Bogura, Rangpur and others cities.

Bangladesh is developing and a small country. In the Digital Bangladesh you can find several Bangla Newspapers, Online Bangla News Portals, Magazines, English newspapers, Jobs Website, Share Bazar Newspapers, blog websites, tv channels and many more.

About is a well-known Bangladesh news media directory for Bengali news readers, where you can find a list of national and international newspapers, BD news sites, and magazines, etc. also, you can read insightful articles from our blog.

My Bangladesh will help you to read most visited local potrika, current news headlins today in Bengali and English language at one place.

All Bangla Newspaper allows you to read the most trusted Bangla newspapers from around the world in one convenient place.

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History of Newspaper in Bangladesh and Indian Subcontinent :

The newspaper was launched a long time ago. The first newspaper was published in China. Newspapers are said to have been first published in Venice, Italy, among European countries. It is generally accepted that the first printed newspaper was published during the reign of Queen Elizabeth of England.

The first handwritten newspaper was introduced in the subcontinent during the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb. The proliferation of newspapers in this country is the result of Western influence. The Bengal Gazette is the first printed newspaper in Bangladesh and India. This English periodical was first published by James Augustus Hickey. The first Bengali periodical, Digdarshan, was published in April 1818 by John Clark Marshman from the Serampore Mission.

In 1818, the first Bengali-run weekly, the Bengal Gazette, was published under the editorship of Gangakishore Bhattacharya. Ishwar Chandra Gupta’s ‘Sambad Prabhakar’ was the first daily newspaper in Bengali. Sambad Prabhakar was first published as a weekly in 1831 and later as a daily in 1839.

In 1848, the first weekly Bangla newspaper ‘Rangpur Battabah’ was published in East Bengal. This Bengali weekly was published with the financial support of Kalichandra Roy Chowdhury, an enthusiastic zamindar of Kundri Pargana, Rangpur District.

Importance of Newspaper :

Newspapers have played an important role in initiating groundbreaking changes in human life through the evolution of civilization. The important national and international news of daily life is reflected in the newspapers. The scope of a newspaper is not limited to news coverage.

Newspapers also have a positive role in the pursuit of knowledge, public opinion formation, politics, and government. If you are a student and read newspaper daily, it will give you a great educational value with a good habit and sense. Reading newspapers help you to give changing your lifestyle and food habits.

The role of newspapers in our daily lives is outstanding. Its use is not limited to news only: the newspaper has become a stepping stone to intellectual development, one of the tools of entertainment, and the role of the newspaper as a spokesperson for the realization of the rights of a nation.

Bangladesh newspapers are currently playing a fundamental role in spreading news and information because there have more than thousands of governments approved BD news media sources.

Bangladeshi Newspapers:

There are so many newspapers available in Bangladesh. They are of various types. In Bangladesh, most of the newspapers are published in the Bengali language. Besides, some are published in English. Some newspapers are not printed. They are just published online. There are a lot of regional Bangla newspapers as well as national dailies.

Notable national dailies of Bangladesh are The Daily Prothom Alo, The Daily Star, The Daily Ittefaq, Independent, The Daily Kaler Kantha, Financial Express, The Daily Jugantar, Dhaka Tribune, The Daily Manabjamin, The Daily Samakal, The Daily Naya Diganta, The Daily Sangram, etc.

Bangla Newspapers :

At present, there are a lot of Bangla Newspapers in Bangladesh. The most popular of them are The Daily Prothom Alo, The Daily Jugantor, The Daily Amar Desh, The Daily Ittefaq, The Daily Inqilab, The Daily Naya Diganta, The Daily Jayjaydin, The Daily Samakal, etc.

Although this question is not indisputable, Samachar Darpan is considered to be the first Bengali newspaper. 200 years ago, on 23 May 1818, it came out of the Baptist Mission in Serampore. Joshua Marshman and William Ward were the initiators of the weekly, and John Clark Marshman was the editor.

In April 1818, the Serampore Baptist Mission published a Bengali monthly called Digdarshan. This is the first periodical published in Bengali. Editor John Clark Marshman. 26 Bengali editions and 18 English editions of the magazine were published. The title of the English edition read ‘Magazine for Indian Youth’. Apart from articles, some stories are also published in the periodicals. It was closed after 1821.

The first Bengali newspaper controlled by the Bengalis was the Bengal Gazette (1818). No copy was found. As a result, its exact release date is not known. Gangakishore Bhattacharya was the publisher of the Bengal Gazette and Harchandra Roy was the editor. The magazine lasted for a year.

The first Bengali newspaper in Dhaka, Dhaka Prakash, came out from Babubazar’s ‘Bangala Yantra’, edited by Krishnachandra Majumdar.

English Newspapers in Bangladesh :

Along with Bangla newspapers, there are several English newspapers in Bangladesh. Notable among them are Financial Express, Daily Star, Dhaka Tribune, Daily Sun, New Age, Asian Age, The Independent, Daily Observer and Bangladesh Today, etc.

There are many benefits to reading English language newspapers and magazines.

First, you get information from sources, translations, and not process for the general reader.

Second, you will not find some information present in a Bangla newspaper, English publicity.

Thirdly, you will build a passive reserve of vocabulary and the skills to use it. If you keep the news from home and abroad, you will see that you can mix with the people of this age very nicely and take part in various discussions.

This is why you should read the newspapers. But if it is in English then it is definitely better. Isn’t it? Yes, that’s right. So, after that when you buy a newspaper I hope you will buy an English newspaper. And in this digital age, online is for you. If you wish, you can read English newspapers on the internet.

Online Newspapers :

An online newspaper is an online version of a newspaper that can only be published online or as an online version of a printed newspaper. The convenience of broadcasting breaking news in the online version of the newspaper ensures the newspaper’s competitive position with broadcast journalism. Credibility, strong brand recognition, and close relationships with advertisers are cited as conditions for a newspaper to survive in the newspaper industry.

Online newspapers have the same legal limits as printed newspapers; In the United Kingdom, issues such as infringement, privacy, and copyright are equally applicable to online newspapers in other countries.

But for most UK people the difference between these two types of laws and policies is not clear in the context of blogs or forum sites and online newspapers.

In 2006, a law was passed for all websites offering online newspapers, news audio, news videos, etc. based in the United Kingdom, to provide a detailed description of what such online media is or is not.

In 1974, Bruce Parello launched an online newspaper in the PLATO System at the University of Illinois.

The state-owned Brazilian newspaper Journaldodia, which began in 1986, launched an online edition in the 1990s.

However, in the late 1990s, more than 100 newspapers began publishing online in the United States, although opportunities for interaction did not begin.

Bangladeshi Internet users are increasing day-by-day. For high speed and fastest internet facility, the reader of online bd news media is growing and fasting quickly.

The younger generations of the country are focused on social media highly rated. And they are not interesting to read in the printed version of newspapers.

Some most visited Bangladeshi online newspapers are, mybangla24, Bangla News 24, Jago News 24, Dhaka Post, Dhaka Tribune, 24 Live Newspaper, Rising BD, Priyo, Dhaka Tribune Bangla, Poriborton, The Daily Star, Odhikar, Barta 24, etc.

Regional Newspapers :

No region of the country is now marginalized due to the wide range of access to information technology. However, there is no justification for marginalized newspapers as regional newspapers.

Newspapers published from different parts of the country are now being identified as regional newspapers. The first regional newspaper in Bangladesh was published from Rangpur in 1848, ‘Rangpur Bartabah’. Later, ‘Shrihat Prakash’ was edited by Paricharan Das, a resident of Baralekha from Sylhet. It is said to be the first newspaper in the Sylhet region. In the last 200 years, numerous local newspapers have been published from districts, Upazilas, towns, and even villages of the country. According to the Department of Film and Publications, there are now 60 government-listed daily, weekly and fortnightly newspapers.

There are more regional newspapers outside of this list. In any case, this huge number of local newspapers is a large social and political force. Used as collaborators of specific strategies, these journals are capable of bringing groundbreaking results in achieving humanitarian and economic goals. Regional newspapers are not popular in every part of the country. They are published for particular regions. Some well-known Bangladeshi regional newspapers are BD News Times, CTG Times, Teknaf News, Daily Azadi, Ajker Barisal, Daily Sylhet, Gramer Kagoj, etc.

Local Newspapers:

Local Newspapers refer to the newspapers that are published from the local areas of a country. They may be published from a district or an Upazila. People from the remote corner of a country need to be acknowledged what is going on in their localities. So, the publication of local newspapers is very rational.

Local and regional newspapers do not mean so differently. They are already the same in meaning. But local newspapers mean something more close to a particular locality. There may have been a lot of local newspapers in a district.

A regional newspaper will let you know about a division or a district. But when you seek to be acknowledged of the news of your Upazila or your local area, you should read a local newspaper. For example, Spondon, Meherpur News, Bagherhat News, Mathavanga are some of the local dailies of the Khulna Division.

Foreign Bengali Newspapers:

Bengali is the mother tongue of not only the people of Bangladesh. The people of West Bengal, India also speak in Bangla. They have their own dailies. We may call them foreign newspapers.

A part from this, some Bengali newspapers are published from various parts of the globe due to the necessity of the Bengali-speaking people of those countries. Some foreign Bangla newspapers are London Bangla, UK BD News, Weekly Bangalee, Euro Bangla, Akhon Samoy, etc.

Bangla Share Bazar Newspapers:

Business newspapers or magazines generally highlight trade, commerce, and all the economic news. Economy rolls the wheel of a nation. This is urgent to know the latest business news to make successful entrepreneurs. The businessmen have a thirst for knowing everything about the business. So, business newspapers or Share Bazar Newspapers are published almost in every country. Every national daily in Bangladesh publishes its business features.

Specifically, there are several online portals where they meet up only the news of trade and commerce. Business Standard and Bangladesh Business News are noteworthy. Besides, there are some business newspapers and magazines published in Bangladesh. Notable of them are Arthosuchak, Bonik Barta, Stock Bangladesh, ICE Business Times, etc.

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All West Bengal Newspapers (Kolkata)

There are many Bangla newspapers published in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Some of the most popular Bangla news paper Kolkata are:

  1. Anandabazar Patrika
  2. Bartaman, Ganashokti
  3. Sangbad Pratidin
  4. Azkal
  5. The telegraph
  6. The statement
  7. Eisomoy
  8. Ganadabi
  9. Zee 24 ghanta
  10. Kolkata 24×7

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All Assam Newspapers:

Assam newspaper list is a comprehensive list of Assam newspapers. The list includes every major assamese language newspaper from Guwahati, Darrang, Kamrup and Sonitpur districts of Assam. The most popular Assamese newspapers are : Dainik Asom, Ajir Bazar Patrika, Asom Gana Parishad organ, Dasbakti

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Bangladeshi Magazines :

The magazine is a type of newspaper that is published periodically, either on paper or electronically. Magazines contain a combination of different topics. It is funded by various advertisements, purchase price, advance subscription, or a combination of these three. The magazine is a periodical publication that is usually published at regular intervals through print or electronic printing.

The magazine publishes a variety of content at scheduled times. Usually, advertising, exchange rates, and pre-paid subscription money, or a combination of these three, builds the magazine’s finances and ensures magazine publication. The oldest magazine, Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen, was a philosophical magazine first published in Germany in 1663.

The Gentleman’s Magazine was the first general magazine published in London in 1731. Edward Cave edited The Gentlemen’s Magazine under the pseudonym “Sylvanus Urban” and was the first to use the term “magazine” as a military repository.

Bangla magazines are a great way to learn about the Bengali culture and language. They are also a fun way to keep up with the latest news and events in Bangladesh. There are many different magazines to choose from, so you can find one that fits your interests. Some popular Bangla magazines are:

  1. Kali O Kalam
  2. Dhaka Courier
  3. Ananda Alo
  4. Kishor Alo
  5. Onno Diganta
  6. Weekly Shaptahik
  7. Sananda
  8. Anandalok
  9. Anannya
  10. Akhon Samoy
  11. Banglamati
  12. Canvas Magazine
  13. Kishore Bangla

Bangladeshi TV News Sites :

TV Channels have started to publish news on their online news portals. These portals are usually popular due to their familiarity. TV news sites seem to be more trustworthy and so visited by millions of people. They generally have more traffic than the conventional online news portals.

There are many Bangladeshi tv channels which we love to watch the most. Some popular Bangladeshi TV news portals are Bangla Vision, ATN News, Channel I, Somoy, News 24, Channel 24, NTV, Ekushey Tv, Jamuna Tv, Independent24, etc.

All Bangla Jobs sites:

There are a few Bangla job sites that are popular in Bangladesh. These job sites allow users to search for jobs, post resumes, and apply for jobs online. The most popular Bangla job site is

  1. BD Jobs
  2. Bikroy Jobs
  3. Bdjobs Today
  4. Careerjet
  5. Jago Jobs
  6. BD Jobs
  7. Chakri
  8. NRB Jobs
  9. Skill Jobs
  10. Jobs A1
  12. Jobs in BD
  13. Chakri Khobor
  14. BD Jobs Mela

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All Bangla FM Radio:

FM Radio in Bangladesh is a great way to stay connected to the community. There are a number of stations that play a variety of music, talk shows, and news programs. This is a great way to keep up with what is going on in the community and hear about local events. The stations also offer information about local businesses and services. List some popular FM Radio in Bangladesh are:

  1. Bangla Radio
  2. Jago FM
  3. Radio Foorti
  4. Radio Shadhin
  5. Spice FM
  6. Radio Today
  7. Capital FM
  8. Radio Aamar
  9. Radio Ekattor
  10. Radio Dhoni
  11. Peoples Radio

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What are the benefits of reading all bangla newspaper?

Reading all Bangla newspapers provides a comprehensive view of current events, politics, business, sports, and entertainment in Bangladesh. It helps readers stay informed about local news and developments, enhances language proficiency, and fosters a sense of cultural connection and identity.

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