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 Bangladesher Khabor Bangla Newspaper

Bangladesher Khabor is a popular Daily newspaper of Bangladesh. It was established in 2013and the name of the editor in chief is Azizul Islam Bhuiyan. The president is a renowned figure in the politics of Bangladesh. His name is Mostafa kamal Mohiuddin. This is also a very fastest-growing newspaper in Bangladesh. The paper presents different features to its readers. The segment includes the news of all levels of people in our society and information about all of our daily, national and international life. 

There are different features and features about Bangladesh, Abroad, Entertainment, Trade and commerce, Health, Science and Technology, Lifestyle etc. The other features discuss various matters such as the feature “Bangladesh ” discuss National, Climate, Parliament, Countrywide, Law and order, Education, Politics, Election, Communication, Offence, Tradition, Life and environment, Electricity and fuel. The “Trade and Commerce” features talk about export, import, budget, commerce, share bazaar, tourism, etc. The Bidesh (Abroad) feature discusses different international news of India, Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America. There are other features like Khelar Math (Playfield), Biggan o projukti (Science and Technology), Joto dure Jai (So far we go), Purakritti (Old things), Poth o Patheyo (Lifestyle), Oitijjobahi khabar (Traditional food), Shastho surokkho (Health and fittings), Fanthus (a humorous story), Sathkahon ( talked regarding different things), Amardesh ()regional news), Jela porikroma (districts news) etc.

The Daily Bangladesher Khobor at a glance 

Type  Daily Newspaper
Owner(s) Bangladesh News and Enterrtainment Ltd
Format   Broadsheet and online
President  Mostafa Kamal Mohiuddin
Editor in Chief  Azizul Islam Bhuiyan
Founded   2013
Political Alignment  Independent
Language  Bengali 
Head Quarters Plot-314/A, Road # 18, Block # E,  Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh      
Email (news) [email protected]
Email (advertisement) [email protected]

The age is an age of modern science and this modern science shows us the way of comfort and happiness. The online version of the newspaper is also a wonder of modern science and it has become straightforward and comfortable for us all to see and read all news within a concise time through the online newspaper. The Bangladesher Khabor newspaper also has the edition of online newspaper and its reader can easily find all news instantly and easily from the online edition. There is also a printed version of a newspaper of Bangladesher Khobar. The readers get the same taste as the printed newspaper from the online edition. The paper is beneficial to all kinds of people. It has brought us very closely and the world has become very close to all as the readers can get the breaking news, headlines, news of the world and all around us very instantly.

 They are committed to their readers to publish accurate information and not exaggerate any communication. We get all news and views and it enriches our knowledge. On the other hand, it is the cheapest means of education. It plays a vital role in raising the morale of the people and enriching the patriotic feelings of the countrymen. 

Therefore, wherever we are is not a factor because we don’t need to see or read all newspapers to know the world’s breaking news, especially of Bangladesh. We need to click the Bangladesher Khabor’s online edition (e-paper) to instantly and easily know all Bangladeshi information.

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