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The Daily Sangbad Konika Bangla Newspaper

The Daily Sangbad Konika is one of the oldest and famous newspapers in Bangladesh. It was founded in 1992 and the name of editor and publisher in chief of the renowned newspaper is Md Anisur Rahman. The paper is published from Bogra and there is a bureau office in the capital city of Dhaka. The popular newspaper covers all kinds of news in society. The paper publishes the features about National issues, Countrywide, International issues, Politics, Economics, Games and sports, Science and Technology, Health etc. There are also other features like Rokomary (Diversified), Shilpo sahitto (Literatures), Sanskriti (culture), Ain adalot (law and order). Durjug (disaster), Dharma (religion), Editorial etc.The paper brings out the actual news for its readers and is never biased to any person to publish false information. The paper publishes two editions and the editions are printed paper and online edition.

The objectives of the newspaper are to understand the feelings of general people and express them to the paper. The paper also provides the facts and analysis of any national issue to inform citizens to make an effective and responsible decision. Thus, this paper is working for the developing country and serves an assortment of purposes. The paper is a source of information about the world, national and local events and makes a mutual understanding.

The Daily Sangbad Konika at a glance:

Type    Daily Newspaper
Format  Broadsheet and online
Publisher   Md Anisur Rahman
Editor in Chief   Md Anisur Rahman
Founded       1992
Political Alignment Liberal
Language      Bengali 
Head Quarters  Nasim Aloy, College Bot tola, Fulbari, Bogra.

The Daily Sangbad Konika works as an instrument of education and the development of human resources. Few tools make the paper more attractive, such as newspaper designer, page making, and editorial. A panel of journalists in the newspaper bring out the actual news from the different parts of the country. Like other newspapers in the country, the paper gives us the latest, updated news to its online edition. The businessmen are benefited from reading this paper because there is a business page in the form and Politicians are also benefited as all political news are covered up in this newspaper. The businessmen promote their products or services by presenting advertisements in the paper. The advertisement section is the primary source of income for a newspaper and this paper also offers promotions and collects revenue for the management. They are very much aware of presenting advertisements to promote the products and gain income for the administration. 

Therefore, we can say that modern life is not possible without newspapers as it gives the news around us and world news. It works as a reflection of society. You can get all information from the online edition of the daily Sangbad Konika. It will save you valuable time. You click on the daily Sangbad Konika (e-paper) to get all breaking news, headline news of Bangladesh and of course, of the world.

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